Clinical Telepharmacy

PipelineRx provides clinical coverage 24/7, enabling its hospital clients to extend their clinical pharmacy operations while improving patient care, medication safety and economic performance. PipelineRx is licensed by State Boards of Pharmacy, supported by the Joint Commission and the Institute for Safe Medication Practices (ISMP). PipelineRx’s clinical telepharmacy services help its hospital clients to conform with the Joint Commission National Standards (MM.8.10 and MM.4.10), and support the ISMP by reducing the occurrence of medication errors.

Clinical Telepharmacy Benefits

  • Reduce costs, improve coverage (across all shifts) and increase quality without compromise while putting the emphasis on patient and medication safety
  • Help eliminate gaps in patient safety between day and night/weekend shifts
  • Trusted relationship between PipelineRx’s telepharmacy team and care providers to the benefit of patient and hospital
  • Enable care providers to access telepharmacists with specialized skills that may not be available in their local areas regardless of time of day or day of week
  • Help improve clinical outcomes and patient safety and reduce re-admittance rates
  • Assistance with navigation and implementation of regulatory guidelines and mandates for hospitals
  • Simple implementation enables hospital to be fully operational- using hospital’s own established systems, policies, procedures, protocols and formulary- in six weeks