PipelineRx Heroes

Our clients consider PipelineRx pharmacists to be seamless members of care teams, and often share accolades regarding our catches and accomplishments.

…Lauren H. and Rene T. from PipelineRx were specifically mentioned by the Women’s Center RNs who appreciated their support and friendliness late at night. Nurses on ICU and MedSurg mentioned the value of the afternoon coverage on weekends, as well as having MARs printed and the easy availability of pharmacists after-hours. Rapid profiling of orders was also mentioned as a positive on MedSurg. Fantastic job one and all!” — The Director of Pharmacy at a California Hospital

“The PipelineRx Telepharmacist noticed the medication pulled from Pyxis was different than the one that was ordered and notified the nurse and our pharmacy department. The patient did receive the wrong medication, but fortunately did not suffer any ill effects. 

Because this was brought to our attention, we looked into how this could happen when there is a nurse double checking all pediatric medications.  We found that both medications show up next to each other in the pick list in Pyxis. It would be easy for anyone to mix them up and there are case reports of other hospitals mixing them up.

We changed the name in Pyxis to separate them in the list.  We also put a big red stop sign in the medication cubie to draw attention. We even have a message pop-up on Pyxis – for IM use only. We never would have made these safety improvements without the PipelineRx Telepharmacist.” — From a Director of Pharmacy at a New York Hospital