PowerGridRx Optimizer

The first Telepharmacy technology platform of its kind, PowerGridRx allows you to optimize your own Pharmacy staff—and reengineer your medication order workflow across your health system.  This cloud-based, HIPAA-compliant solution is designed by pharmacists for pharmacists to make it easier to achieve your Pharmacy goals.

PowerGridRx Optimizer is ideal for organizations that:

  • Are growing and consolidating and want to optimize pharmacy labor across the whole organization in a centalized service model
  • Have varied formularies, policies and procedures and aim to standardize across the footprint
  • Utilize multiple pharmacy information systems, or just one
  • Manage a combination of CPOE and written, faxed, or scanned orders
  • Want to support smaller hospitals in their region with virtual labor

Designed for Multi-Facility Organizations

This solution is designed for both small and large, multi-facility organizations seeking to optimize Pharmacy staff across diverse care settings, standardize policies and procedures across facilities, and potentially support smaller hospitals in the region with virtual labor.  The benefits of PowerGridRx are unmatched:

  • Allows you to optimize your staff and reengineer your medication order workflow across your health system or network of hospitals
  • Provides interoperability with, and is agnostic to, any hospital or pharmacy information system
  • Aggregates orders across your health system with “first in – first out” processing, and automatically prioritized STAT orders
  • Strengthens your Telemedicine program, and grows with your Pharmacy’s needs