PowerGridRx Essentials

PowerGridRx Essentials is a new, cost-effective approach for expertly managing medication order review and optimizing pharmacy staff at individual hospitals.

While EHRs support medication order entry by physicians, they’re not necessarily designed for a pharmacist’s workflow.  That is why we developed a new solution that leverages advanced technologies and best practices to systemically optimize your pharmacy’s core function, providing:

  • Increased order verification rates, improving nursing satisfaction
  • Faster turnaround times, benefitting patient safety
  • Better medication event oversight, following facility-specific policies and procedures
  • More clinical interventions with the highest level of acceptance rates, capturing valuable revenue and enhancing the quality of care


PowerGridRx Essentials was created for individual hospitals that want to:

  • Effectively manage all medication orders in a single, efficient workflow
  • View real-time productivity data, with robust reporting
  • Eliminate costly hardware purchases and maintenance
  • Get more from their EHR investment

The PowerGridRx™ Advantage

As a web-based, HIPAA compliant platform, PowerGridRx™ provides many advantages over traditional systems:

  • Manages all order types, including faxes, hand-written orders, and CPOE
  • Stores all orders in a secure cloud-based environment for review or audit
  • Provides a real-time dashboard and integrated reporting, such as order volume and clinical interventions
  • Provides interoperability with, and is agnostic to, any hospital or pharmacy information system
  • Eliminates costly hardware purchases and maintenance