PipelineRx has been providing telepharmacy services for the past five plus years, and clients throughout the health care system have experienced both soft and hard benefits associated with remote medication management. All benefits revolve around our focus on safety, savings, improved clinical outcomes and increased client satisfaction.

Stakeholder Benefits Highlights

  • Patient: Treat the whole patient and not just their presented numbers to ensure the highest level of care and optimal clinical outcomes
  • Patient’s nurse: Provide synchronized, proactive communication and industry leading medication turnaround times for their patients
  • Patient’s attending physician: Use open communications channels, in-depth clinical knowledge and understanding of the proper medication protocols to optimize clinical outcomes for their patients
  • Onsite client hospital pharmacist: Inline with the ASHP guidelines, allow the onsite pharmacists to elevate their clinical role focus via increasing bedside clinical responsibilities
  • Chief Nursing Officer: Clinical and data reporting resource that allows their entire clinical staff to have access to first shift clinical quality and responsiveness, 24/7
  • Chief Financial Officer: Cost-effective and true variable cost clinical services solution in an emerging ACO operating environment
  • State boards of pharmacy: Fully comply with all current pharmacy and HIPAA regulations and auditing requirements
  • PipelineRx Telepharmacist: Provide the right set of pharmacy verification workflow resources to execute upon their clinical responsibilities and a total commitment to honor the integrity of their medical license
  • Hospitals and health systems: Enables optimization and redeployment of pharmacists to higher value, patient centered activity