By providing hospitals with the highest level of clinical pharmacists “on-demand” while saving costs on recruiting and staffing, PipelineRx saves hospitals between 30-70% on direct pharmacist costs alone. Our software is shown to have savings in the 40% range for hospital pharmacy costs.

Chief Financial Officer Benefits

  • Shift expenses from fixed cost to variable, pay for performance, allowing hospitals to dynamically adjust staffing up or down as needed with billing flexibility to pay on hourly or “per order” basis
  • No overtime, locums, relief or per diem costs associating with temp staff or part-time staff unfamiliar with specific policies and procedures
  • No sick leave, vacation, PTO, other benefit or paid shift differential as telepharmacists are always available during contracted shifts and work and rates are pre-negotiated
  • No increased overhead due to PipelineRx software which enables efficiencies, redundancy and security that requires no additional development investment by the hospital
  • Assistance with managing 30-day patient readmissions provides ability to manage CHF, AMI, Pneumonia and other types of patients within 48 hours of discharge, and includes follow-up reporting plus additional follow-up at ten or fourteen days post discharge

Chief Operating Officer Benefits

  • No service bottlenecks when using “on-demand” service, and typical response times remain consistent at 15 minutes or less regardless of volume or complexity
  • Coverage for unanticipated vacations, vacancies or emergencies
  • Extended pharmacy hours with cost-effective and high quality coverage and insuring all medication orders receive a thorough cognitive clinical review in order to optimize clinical outcomes and improve patient safety