Vice President of Clinical Services/
Director of Pharmacy

PipelineRx amplifies and extends the roles of onsite pharmacists, 24/7, 365 days a year, without recruiting, overhead and difficulty of scheduling. Each medication order is verified for appropriateness and safety, and patient care and safety remain at the forefront of all of our policies and procedures.

Vice President of Clinical Services/
Director of Pharmacy Benefits

  • Reconciliation of medication orders filled during 2nd and 3rd shifts while maintaining or exceeding first-shift quality, responsiveness and productivity to all shifts, including nights and weekends
  • Access to highly qualified clinical telepharmacists even in hard to find specialties like pediatrics and oncology with ability to work any shift
  • Expansion of in-hospital pharmacist role in direct patient care and education by redirecting workload, also leading to more effectively collaborate with nurses and physicians and participation in high value clinical rounds
  • Leverage PipelineRx’s experience and up-to-date knowledge to keep up with new clinical standards & reimbursement policy
  • Better manage labor costs, even in an environment of increasing workloads, by easily predicting added staffing and services