Our Mission

At PipelineRx, we’re optimizing and transforming pharmacy to amplify its impact on patient care.

PipelineRx started with the belief that pharmacist expertise is critical to patient care and safety. That prior to dispensing, every medication should be reviewed by a pharmacist.

We believe that every patient deserves access to the specialized insight that only pharmacists possess, and know that pharmacist-provider collaboration has been proven to improve patient outcomes.

The Time has come

We believe the time has come to unleash the full power of pharmacy optimization.

Guided by pharmacist experts, we built the first-ever cloud-based pharmacy platform and created a channel of communication unlike any in the industry.

This facilitated remote order management by our growing team of seasoned clinical pharmacists, and launched the first step towards a more efficient pharmacy.


We are technology-led self-starters.

We continue to focus on opportunities to reduce tasks and improve clinical outcomes.

Today, our platform and supporting services are driving a more efficient pharmacy for hundreds of healthcare organizations nationwide. We’re delivering clinical services that help pharmacists advance their practice, from task-focused medication order review to outcomes-focused patient care.


data points flow through our system every year.

We Believe

We know that care doesn’t end at the hospital door.

Believing in the power of possibility, we know that every provider and every patient can be connected to high-quality pharmacy services no matter where they are. Making patient-driven pharmacy care a reality is why we continuously hone our technology and services each day. As progress continues into personalized medicine, the specialized knowledge of the pharmacist will play a critical role. That is why now, more than ever, we’re focused on making pharmacy accessible—anytime, anywhere—so patients can live longer, healthier lives.

Meet Our Team

Executive Team