Reduce Readmissions and Boost Patient Satisfaction

When pharmacists are involved in the patient discharge process, readmissions can be cut by half.


Enroll and manage high-risk patients.

The PipelineRx Patient Discharge solution helps onsite, or remote, pharmacists to prepare for and counsel patients as they leave your facility, then follow up to ensure medications are picked up and taken correctly after the patient has returned home.



of hospital readmissions are medication related

Source: JAPhA, June 2017



reduction in readmissions with pharmacist involvement in the discharge process
Source: AJHP, May 2018



increase in HCAHPS scores when pharmacists deliver medication education
Source: American College of Cardiology, March 2019

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We make it easier for pharmacists to care for high risk patients so they can get well and stay well.

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Patient Centered

Improve medication adherence

Precision prescribing

Helps avoid adverse drug events and deliver maximum clinical impact.

Patient-friendly “Med Card”

Easy-to-understand summary for patients and their caregivers.

Medication delivery assurance

Real-time prescription benefit checking with meds-to-beds, pick-up, or home delivery options.

Post-discharge follow-up

Phone or video support to address side effects, dosage, and refills.

Maximize Program Success

Intelligent technology platform

Customizable activities and reminders

Connects across care settings

Integrated analytics and reporting

Polypharmacy drug interaction and pharmacogenomics review

Optional remote pharmacist services

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