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Antimicrobial Stewardship

Remote experts and technology to support your ASP goals

Boost your ASP with specialized resources

Building an antimicrobial stewardship program can be a complex undertaking, requiring dedicated resources from multiple disciplines to focus on a sustained effort.

We provide the specialized tools and services you need to get results.


Remote clinical support provided by infectious disease pharmacy specialists


Real-time clinical surveillance and alerts powered by an intelligent rule-based engine



Dynamic reporting for collecting and analyzing prescribing practices

Meeting Requirements

“You’re never done with ASP. The target for compliance with guidelines and standards continues to move and the targets get more specific.”

—Director of Pharmacy Services, PipelineRx Client

How it works

A smarter approach to ASP

Track and manage your ASP using our advanced medication management platform, PowerGridRx, or let our experts do it for you.

Improve clinical outcomes

through rapid interventions and consistent follow up

Reduce healthcare costs

by reducing unnecessary or inappropriate use of antibiotics

Optimize resource utilization

with clinical decision support tools and optional remote services

Meet regulatory requirements

by ensuring compliance with accrediting bodies and CMS mandates for participation

Gain actionable insights

Collecting, analyzing and reporting data on antibiotic use, then using that information to improve prescribing practices is the foundation of a successful ASP.

Dynamic, real-time reporting

Our user-friendly, modern interface helps you quickly generate needed reports and comparisons by provider, spectrum rank, and class


Report antimicrobial use and resistance data

Easily transmit data to the CDC’s NHSN module to help stem the rise of superbugs

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