Client Engagement – Let’s Talk!

by Chris Ciolko, RPh | Sr. VP, Client Engagement

As a valued client we want you to know that you have an entire team whose goals are to facilitate and nurture your collaborative relationship with PipelineRx. This team is in place to make sure you are successful and are capturing continued value from the products and services you’ve chosen.

Today, I would like to highlight the Client Engagement team, as our role may not be as intuitive as others. Though you are invited to reach out to us for any reason since ‘your success is our success’, I’ve provided some guidance below.

When to contact your Client Engagement Regional VP:

Service-related topics:

  • Changes in needs and priorities
  • Engaging other departments (e.g. Nursing, Quality, C-suite)
  • Adding scheduled coverage, such as during holidays, weather events, and EHR upgrades or conversions
  • Extended supplemental coverage, such as sick or maternity leave, or adding new service for daytime or ED coverage
  • Need to expand your clinical services (MedRec, patient discharge, ASP, opioid management, etc.)
  • You have a colleague who is interested in our services

Account-related topics:

  • Contract questions or changes
  • Certificate of Insurance (COI)
  • Reporting, such as accreditation visits, if needed

Our primary role is to ensure you are getting the most value from our services. However, as your advocate at PipelineRx, you may also include your Client Engagement Regional VP in communications concerning:

  • Variances
  • Customer service
  • Billing

Though we schedule visits to meet with you, and your nursing and other organizational leadership, we understand that goals are constantly changing and we are available to discuss your needs at any time. Have a new challenge or idea? Give your Regional VP a call and let’s start collaborating on a solution today.

Not sure who is your Client Engagement Regional VP is? Contact me at cciolko@pipelinerx.com or call 847-867-2181 (mobile).