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PipelineRx Expands Comprehensive Medication Management Across the Care Continuum

Patient Discharge Solution and Poster Presentation at ASHP Reaffirm the Value and Growth of the Company’s Pharmacy Platform

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif.— November 28, 2018 — PipelineRx, a leading medication management company powered by clinical expertise and cloud technology, will be highlighting its integrated solutions at the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP) 2018 Midyear Clinical Meeting and Exhibitions, December 2-7 in Anaheim, California. Featured this year are an expanded Patient Discharge solution and new applications for remote pharmacy support.

Over the last decade, PipelineRx has continued to focus on workflow optimization and improved clinical outcomes, with the goal of more patient-driven pharmacy. Studies continue to demonstrate the positive impact of pharmacist involvement in direct patient care, including one that showed a nearly 50% decrease in readmission rates when pharmacists were involved in discharge care.

“Making patient-driven pharmacy a reality has inspired us to think beyond the four walls of a hospital, and to develop a medication management model that connects providers and patients across care settings,” said Brian Roberts, CEO.

PipelineRx’s expanded Patient Discharge Solution makes it easier for pharmacists to care for high-risk patients by helping onsite or remote pharmacists prepare for and counsel patients as they leave the hospital. Following discharge, pharmacists follow up to ensure medications were picked up and taken correctly after the patient has returned home.

“The pharmacy platform from PipelineRx is truly transformative,” said Michael Myers, a member of PipelineRx’s Board of Directors. “It is especially powerful when you think about managing a patient’s medications as they transition from the hospital to home, or  to a nursing or rehabilitation facility. No one else is doing that.”

CGH Medical Center is one facility that uses the solution. Pharmacists now spend ten minutes on average counseling patients at the bedside, and up to 30 minutes for complex cases, as they manage their medications through their transition home. Since the Patient Discharge solution was implemented, onsite pharmacists have provided additional clinical support to nearly 90 patients each month.

“Incorporating pharmacists into our discharge process would not have been possible with our in-house staff alone, and working with PipelineRx has allowed us to optimize our pharmacy operations – for the benefit of our patients,” said Tim Dunphy, Director of Pharmacy at CGH Medical Center.

At ASHP Midyear, PipelineRx will also be demonstrating how remote telepharmacy support staff help ensure a faster order turnaround by alerting pharmacists to incoming orders. The poster presentation, Increased Emergency Department Order Processing By Using Remote Support Staff, is a comprehensive case study on the impact of remote pharmacy support at Mason General Hospital, a critical access hospital in Washington state. The poster will be presented during the Emergency Care Networking Session on Sunday, December 2 from 11:45 a.m. to 1:15 p.m. in Hall C, Level 1, at the Anaheim Convention Center; and in general poster sessions held on Monday, December 4 and Tuesday, December 5 from 2:30 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.

“As a critical access hospital, we’re constantly looking for ways to do more for our patients with limited resources, and we believe that providing prospective medication order review in the ED helps ensure the highest level of care and safety for our patients,” said Angelica Pauley, Pharmacy Team Manager  of Mason General Hospital. “Since adding remote pharmacy support staff to the process, we have gone from 12-minute medication turnaround times to less than four minutes. Every medication order is now reviewed by a pharmacist prior to administration, all of which has dramatically improved patient care.”

PipelineRx will be providing demonstrations of its technology in its partner booths: McKesson booth #351 and Swisslog Healthcare booth #361. Please contact to set up an appointment.

About PipelineRx

PipelineRx is a leader in comprehensive medication management solutions designed to advance pharmacy towards more outcomes-focused patient care. More than 500 facilities in the U.S. and Canada depend on PipelineRx each day to process more than 20 million medication orders annually. Combining the cloud-based platform, PowerGridRx™, with expert clinical pharmacy solutions, PipelineRx delivers a holistic approach that connects patients to their medications across care settings, and helps healthcare organizations of all sizes improve patient outcomes while reducing cost. For more information about PipelineRx, please visit or find the company on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.