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PipelineRx Launches Comprehensive Antimicrobial Stewardship Solution, Helping Combat Antibiotic Resistance

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SAN FRANCISCO, Calif.— November 18, 2019 —PipelineRx, a leading medication management and telepharmacy company powered by clinical expertise and cloud technology, today introduced its Antimicrobial Stewardship Solution, comprised of a clinical software module, supporting clinical services, and dynamic reporting. The cloud-based solutions, unveiled during Antibiotic Awareness Week, are intended to help combat antibiotic resistant bacteria and the rise of superbugs through monitoring, counseling, intervention documentation and comparison reporting of antibiotic use within a facility and across the healthcare industry.

Antibiotic resistant bacteria continues to cause at least 2.8 million infections and 35,000 deaths a year, resulting in avoidable costs of $55–70 billion. Bringing attention to the issue, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention observes Antibiotic Awareness Week to highlight the importance of improving antibiotic prescribing and use. Similarly, US regulatory bodies including the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services are taking action, now requiring all hospitals and skilled nursing facilities to have antibiotic stewardship programs. Data is essential in the fight against antimicrobial resistance and is fueling the development of new programs to understand prescribing patterns and prevent the rise of superbugs.

Delivered through its scalable medication management platform, PowerGridRx™, the PipelineRx Antimicrobial Stewardship module helps hospitals and long-term care facilities to more efficiently monitor their antimicrobial usage while patients are in these settings, and to ensure proper compliance outside of these care locations. The integrated CareRules engine notifies a pharmacist to evaluate the patient, rule, and results, then allows them to easily create activities and document results in an optimized workflow. The module can be used by onsite staff or with the support of PipelineRx remote pharmacists and infectious disease specialists.

The PipelineRx solution includes dynamic reporting on data such as antibiotic prescribing patterns by provider, spectrum rank and class, and escalation or de-escalation, which deliver actionable insights for more interventions and provider education opportunities. The user-friendly, modern interface facilitates drill-down functionality to quickly generate needed reports and comparisons.

PipelineRx is also facilitating national and state-level initiatives by automating transmission of Antimicrobial Use and Resistance (AUR) data to the CDC’s National Healthcare Safety Network (NHSN) tracking system. The flexible architecture integrates with any EHR to capture, standardize, and automatically transmit data without IT intervention, and is already seeing success with one state health department.

“PipelineRx is proud to deliver these solutions and contribute to the fight against antimicrobial resistance. We know how complex and time consuming it is to monitor the use of antibiotics, but also how crucial this effort is,” said Brian Roberts, CEO of PipelineRx. “With our flexible architecture, pharmacy-specific workflow, and clinical expertise, healthcare facilities will find it easier to identify intervention opportunities and track and measure progress against their ASP program goals. Ultimately, we aim to illuminate prescribing trends within individual facilities and across the country to preserve antimicrobial efficacy.”

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PipelineRx is a leader in comprehensive medication management solutions designed to advance pharmacy towards more outcomes-focused patient care. More than 500 facilities in the U.S. and Canada depend on PipelineRx each day to process more than 20 million medication orders annually. Combining the cloud-based platform, PowerGridRx™, with expert clinical pharmacy solutions, PipelineRx delivers a holistic approach that connects patients to their medications across care settings, and helps healthcare organizations of all sizes improve patient outcomes while reducing cost. For more information about PipelineRx, please visit or find the company on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.