Why PipelineRx?

As our healthcare system struggles to keep up with increasing challenges in reimbursements, there is a growing need to do more with less, while reducing medical errors and improving clinical outcomes.

PipelineRx has built solutions that replicate and extend the exact roles and responsibilities of onsite clinical pharmacists. Medication management, patient safety and client satisfaction are our primary focus. Our telepharmacist services have been proven to save hospitals between 30-70% on direct pharmacist costs, approximately 200K per year in clinical inventions, and shorter lengths of stays and reduced readmissions due to improved patient outcomes.

Now we’re offering our proprietary software solution that allows hospitals to build their own telepharmacy from the inside. PipelineRx software solutions enable remote approval of orders, automated dispensing and remote mixing oversight with full security of data. The vendor agnostic solutions allow for interoperability with PIS systems, and the IT infrastructure has been built to support optimized distributed networks. Our software is shown to have cost savings in the 40% range for hospitals’ pharmacy operations.