Intelligent Clinical Rules Engine


A multi-disciplinary solution that leverages clinical data to improve patient health and your bottom line

Improve clinical decision-making

Spend more time with patients and less time with data

Identifying and taking action on high-risk patients is critical to improving patient outcomes but requires time-consuming monitoring to mine variable data points, reviewing cumbersome charts, and completing manual calculations.

CareRules leverages data automatically delivered from your EHR to free up clinicians to spend more time caring for patients and less time monitoring data. The integrated rules engine supports staff in making critical healthcare decisions using real-time alerts to:

Reduce medication errors and adverse events

Improve care quality and outcomes

Streamline the identification of patients

Optimize data analysis for quick decision-making

Ensure antimicrobial compliance

Automatically enroll patients in clinical programs

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Custom real-time alerts optimize patient care

CareRules’ easy-to-use interface assists clinicians in making timely, informed, and higher quality decisions using real-time patient monitoring alerts. Alerts can be created based on a variety of data points:

Lab test results

Microbiology results


Drug class

Patient diagnosis

Patient information

Alerts can also have custom triggers based on certain conditions:

Priority level

Automatic clinical program enrollment

Clinical activities

Cost-Effective Solution

CareRules is a low-cost solution with simple implementation and administration. It provides the same features and benefits as other surveillance systems without the hefty price tag, complicated implementation, and costly maintenance.

Easy to use tools

Work smarter not harder

Clinical surveillance

Continuous monitoring of patients’ medications, lab test results, vital signs, and other clinical data for renal dosing, antimicrobial stewardship, and other clinical surveillance needs.

Consolidated alerts queue

Centralized view of all patients who meet potential risk factors with integrated workflows and real-time alerts to help pharmacists take action sooner.

Clinical program enrollment

Automatically enroll qualified patients into antibiotic stewardship, transitions of care, opioid stewardship, or other clinical programs to meet quality and regulatory goals.

Monitoring and Reporting

Measure your impact with detailed reports that document interventions and clinical program results over time.

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